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Laura Jean Manson

is a Canadian singer songwriter. Born in Alberta, raised in Calgary, Jean has lived in Toronto’s east end for 20 plus years… ‘City Songs’ is her debut CD release.


“The non-stop energy of the city can manifest in different ways; excitement, movement, creativity or drudgery, isolation, and despair. This is the backdrop for these songs which are really just about life. I think of them as urban folk, tunes that echo different genres. Having grown up listening to classic folk and rock, I became interested in many other genres of music outside of mainstream pop but it was the stripped down roots vibrations of reggae artists like Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs that inspired me to write my own music. I’ve always felt a close relationship with the energy in folk and reggae, and I’ve set out to make my own brand of music that echoes these genres in it’s own urban way.” (Jean)


Recorded and produced at Victory Drive studio in Toronto, with award winning producer Jono Grant.




Diamonds are not my best friend

— Laura Jean Manson —






Looking down edit 2

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